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The Healthy Way to Sit

    There are now more than 27 million people who work at home at least part-time, according to a survey by the International Data Corp. The number grows about eight percent each year. It is no doubt that more and more people prefer the home-office set up than the traditional eight to five job in the office, where you had to reach through commute. The problem with a home-office work is that most people who opt for this ignore the need for acquiring the right office furniture, especially when it comes to seating.
    An office chair if not the most, is an important office furniture you will ever purchase. Injuries — from stiff necks to severe conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome — are related to computer work, and your seating furniture. According to Ellen Kolber, a New York-based ergonomic consultant, a chair is very crucial in an office environment. A firmly cushioned chair on rollers that has adjustable everything: seat height and tilt, back angle, and arm rests, is the ideal piece. She also added that a chair should help you maintain good alignment.

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